Global Atomic has been engaging with local communities since its arrival in the Dasa Project area in 2008. Engagement has included informal engagement with village elders and the development of community support programs which cover the following areas: 
  • Food Security
  • Medical Support
  • Infrastructure
  • Local business support and procurement
  • Regional and national procurement

The sectors which have received support since 2008 are detailed in the Table below. To date, education and training has been limited to employees of the project and annual training contributions to the Ministry of Mines.

Additional future development support programs will be delivered in collaboration with NGO’s currently active in Niger and provide targeted benefits to women including enhanced irrigation, training and support of existing market gardening initiatives, support for development of goods and services related to workers apparel and PPE and associated education, training, and mentoring programs.  

Global Atomic anticipates an increased level of support and the introduction of new programs during the construction and underground development phases during the 2022 – 2024 period. As the project ramps up into commercial operations, Corporate Social Responsibility contributions will be reviewed with reference to the success of projects to date and priorities identified in consultation with communities. 

Global Atomics’ DASA Project represents an opportunity to build a long life mine that will contribute to the global net zero economy and generate numerous significant benefits including:

  • Continuity of long term, good paying mining sector jobs recently lost due to the closing of Oranos’ Cominak Mine (located in Arlit 95 kms from the Dasa Project) in March 2021
  • Continuity of local, regional and national tax revenue, fostering social - economic stability in Arlit
  • Offset power demand loss due to closing of the Cominak Mine, support jobs at regional state owned power plant, continue to provide government income
  • Significant economic benefits through local, regional and national procurement related to mine, mill and camp construction, goods and services
  • Collaboration with NGOs active in country will provide targeted benefits to women:
    1. enhanced irrigation and training in support of existing market gardening initiatives
    2. goods and services related to workers apparel and PPE
    3. education, training and mentoring programs

Phase I DASA operations will provide continuity of good long term jobs and government tax revenue that facilitate social economic stability, female economic and education empowerment, long term government planning and services delivery.

As a potential 50 year mine Global Atomic’s DASA Mine will provide long term social economic stability, enhanced economic and education opportunities for women and an increased standard of living to the people of Niger.

Social Initiatives Timetable