Global Atomic holds six uranium exploration permits in the Republic of Niger

Global Atomic’s holds six uranium exploration permits in the Republic of Niger: Tin Negouran 1, 2, 3, 4 and Adrar Emoles 3 & 4. Total area covered by the permits is 729.8km 2 of which 243.6 km2 is within Adrar Emoles 3 and 486.2 km2 covers the other five permit areas.

Work carried out by Global Atomic since starting exploration in 2007 have delineated resources in three separate project areas (over and above work at Dasa): Tin Negouran(10 Mlbs U3O8), Dajy Deposit (17 Mlbs U3O) and Isakanan (34 Mlbs U3O8).


Dasa is a uniquely high-grade sandstone-hosted deposit with mineralisation across a range of horizons from Jurassic to Carboniferous in age. It is metallurgically clean with low levels of deleterious elements.